Why Energy Efficient?

Energy Independence with upgrades, solar power and more efficient lighting and power generators. Efficient Lighting, Solar Photovoltaic Systems and Whole House Generators – we can show you how to become energy independent when it counts, and how it can be a long term saver. We have a NABCEP Certified PV (PhotoVoltaic) Installer, with many years experience designing and installing Solar Panels, from elephant enclosures to boats! We are a premier supplier of lighting equipment, working directly with the best suppliers and manufacturers and we specialize in whole house generators. Whether for a mixed use building, office, medical facility, restaurant or museum, upgrading lighting will impact the monthly bill. Large scale lighting upgrades for businesses has the biggest impact on overall energy savings. We have upgraded an entire warehouse lighting system and can provide just about any residential lighting need. We can help you satisfy energy savings certifications and recommend and supply the best appliances. We can light up your life at home and at work.